Primal RC Monster Truck H.O. CY 46cc Engine


Primal RC Monster Truck H.O. CY 46cc Engine

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Primal RC Monster Truck H.O. CY 46cc Engine
Check it out running here
  • Custom Ported and Tuned to give much more Torque and RPM then the stock 49cc that comes in the Primal Monster Trucks
  • Complete Kit includes Custom exhaust header, Custom pipe re-location mount, Performance UNI Air filter and Custom billet air filter intake.
  • Improved 3 spring performance clutch
  • Requires cutting out some of the PRRMT021 aluminum side plate and removing the interior/driver figure.
  • The stock Primal Monster Truck pipe will be re-used.(see pictures of it installed)
  • A great improvement in power over stock. Super easy to start and very reliable
  • Engine Specs: CY46cc Base (42mm Bore x 33mm Stroke), modified Intake, Transfer and Exhaust ports all developed to extract maximum power from the stock tuned exhaust pipe. 
  • Walbro HDA223 performance carb with independent High and Low speed jets {Base Carb Settings: 1 7/16 turns out (L) and 1 5/8 on (H)}
  • Strong Output of 8+HP with plenty of over-rev rpm and able to run on 87 Octane.
  • Installation video and running video coming soon.

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