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New 30 Degree North V2 Conversion Kits

30 Degree North has released new versions of their BWS-5B buggy and DTT truck. Updates to the chassis, suspension, steering, and more greatly change the way the vehicles handle and their durability. For the older versions they also offer conversion kits to modify them to the new versions. Check out the product pages for the BWS-5B and DTT conversion kits for more details on the changes.

We’re offering 50% off the BWS-5B buggy conversion kit when you buy a ready-to-run or roller buggy for a limited time. To get this deal, check the box on the ready-to-run product page or add the conversion kit to your roller bundle and the discount will be automatically applied.

We also have the DTT v2 ready-to-run trucks in stock. 29cc and 38cc versions are available. You can pick up the DTT v1 roller with a v2 conversion kit instead if you don’t mind a little extra assembly. Just select the V2 conversion kit on the DTT roller bundle page.

Whether you’re looking for a buggy, truck, or both, now is a great time to pick one up and get bashing!